Monday, October 06, 2008

It's a High Pop Up

The creative process is fun. Your muse plays with "what ifs" and allows you to live the same moment in time with different results. Eventually, you determine the scenario that works for your story. Today's prompt is going to replay that moment in time so you can discover those different results. As an avid Cub fan, needless to say I'm disappointed that they are out of the running again this year, but I could write a great fantasy about how they won after 100 years!

Today's Pumping Your Muse Writer Prompt:

To tie in with the time of year, let's set today's prompt in the playoffs. It's your's choice which teams are pitted against each other. You can even choose to make it the little league playoffs. It is your story after all. The focal point of the scene is this: The announcer's voice says, "It's a high pop up..." What happens next is up to you times three. Write the same short scene three times with a different result based on that high pop up.

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