Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Show Up Naked

Today I'm doing something a little different. I came across this class and it caught my interest and my imagination and inspired today's prompt. Because of that, I'm including information for the class below.


Take an existing scene and undress your character. I'm not suggesting you write erotica. I only want you to enhance your characters senses. If they enter stage right naked, how does that change their experience? What senses are heightened? How are they perceived by others? What do they feel and why? This exercise is designed to help you learn more about your character to be used later in your story.

Show Up Naked Class: Writing from the Man's POV

******PERMISSION TO FORWARD GRANTED AND ENCOURAGED!!******** is proud to present its $30,four-week online class for the month of May, 2008:

INSTRUCTOR: Chris Redding
4-week class: $30
May 1-31, 2008
Registration ends 30 April, 2008

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Show Up Naked: Writing from the Man's POV.

This class is a fun, but informative trip through a man's mind. Scary thought, I know, but when you finish this course you will know more about that man in your
life and, more importantly, you'll write believable male characters.

INSTRUCTOR BIO: Except for her writing life, Chris Redding is surrounded by men. In her house with her husband and two boys. At both of her part time jobs: a rescue squad and the Emergency Medical Services department of her local hospital, both male dominated fields. And she's studied them all intently. She lives in New Jersey. Corpse Whisperer came out in October of 2007. Incendiary is due out later this year and Along Comes Pauly, a romantic comedy will be out in 2010.

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