Saturday, April 05, 2008

Edit Your Writing Prompt

As much as we enjoy the creative process, it's not always fun. Editing our writing is work that makes it better. Today's prompt requires a scene you've already created. Find one you like. Now read through it and as you do circle passive verbs. including thee words that redirect your action:
  • could
  • noticed
  • can
  • will
  • heard
For example, if you say a character heard a noise, instead of TELLING they heard it, let the reader hear what the character hears.

Also identify vague words. These words water down the imagery in your writing. They include words like:
  • some
  • all
  • most
  • many
  • more
  • enough
  • several
  • fewest
  • fewer
  • few
  • very
  • really
  • good
  • a lot
  • still.
Once you identify these words, rewrite the piece. And what the heck, why not look for a market and submit it!

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