Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Action - Writing a Fight Scene

Writers often draw on personal experience to help bring their writing to life. Fight scenes can be hard to write for those of us who don't have that experience in our personal arsenal. Today's writing prompt is designed to help hone those skills.

In my book Beyond the Fifth Gate I needed more than one fight scene. For me it was a challenge, but I found help from stuntman and actor Teel James Glenn (and writer) who recommended watching a movie fight scene for inspiration. As you watch, feel free to pause the DVD and write out the action. This is one way to develop an understanding of all that's involved in writing action/fight scenes.

Pumping Your Muse Writing Prompt:

For today's writing prompt, watch a movie fight scene. I recommend using a scene that uses skills you what to describe. For instance, if your character will be using a sword, then a sword fight. If a staff, a fight scene that incorporates a staff. Write out the action. Don't be'll need to do some research to complete this prompt in order to know what to call moves, weapons, etc. But the final product will make your fight scene come alive.

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