Monday, March 16, 2009

The Birds

We've enjoyed some much needed rain here in NW Georgia, and yesterday afternoon when the sun decided to come out for a little while the cacophony of bird calls was amazing. When I moved to FL I experienced a whole new world of feathered friends, and now in GA my feeders attract even another variety. Today's prompt is inspired by these beautiful creatures.

Pumping Your Muse Prompt

Different birds frequent different parts of the world. That in itself can be used as a way to introduce where your characters live. Their reaction to the creature can also tell the reader something about the story. For example, if your character sees their first bluebird ever, that tells you they are new to the area, and it also introduces the setting.

The character's reaction can also introduce more personal details. If the bluebird brings to mind the song "Hey Mr. Bluebird" that gives a clue to the character's age, or a relationship with an older person who taught them the song. If the bird's striking colors amaze them as they watch it land in the bare branches of a tree in the back yard, it gives an idea of season.

Write a scene or short story in which you use a bird to introduce details of the story.

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