Saturday, November 04, 2006

NaNo Day 4 - The Threshold

NaNoWriMo is quite the challenge. I start out wondering how on earth I'll write 1,700 words and by the time I've finished I love the new information I've learned about my characters. Today, my protagonist stands at the threshold of the real story. She's heard the voice of her guardian. But where is he? I'm not sure. Guess I'll learn more about it in future days.

Today's prompt:

Place your character at the threshold of a new world. Now what? As they take a step, what do they see? Is the world friendly? Does it look like earth or is it different? What about smells? Did they expect to arrive here? If not, what happened? What do they have to learn? Have fun. Create a new world.

I'll be answering some of these questions in tomorrow's 1700 NaNoWriMo words.

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NaNoWriMo Current Word Count: 6,981

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