Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What If?

Get the creative juices flowing by asking the question "what if?" This is a good question to ask when you get stuck or experience writer's block. Sometimes it can inspire a new thread that takes the story in a new direction. For today's writing prompt, if you have a current work in process (WIP) choose one of your characters and ask what if...

  • They were single/married/finally find a girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • They won the lottery/lost their job?
  • They get a flat tire ?
  • They lost their temper at the wrong time?
  • They turn over a new leaf?
  • They overhear a plot to rob a bank, throw a game, to get someone fired....

Okay, if you don't have a WIP (shame on you), write a scene answering one or more what if questions about yourself. This is just to stretch your creativity, so have fun. If you come up with a "what if" feel free to share in the comments so other writer's can benefit.

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