Sunday, July 12, 2009

Then and Now

Today's writing prompt we're going to use history to help develop a scene. This prompt was inspired by the most recent Twilight Zone marathon. One of the episodes had a scene of children playing. Some on a teeter totter, a few jumping rope, and other such activities. and having fun. I thought of children today and how the scene might be in front of a screen of some sort...TV, computer, maybe even a game of some sort to which they are plugged in electronically.

Pumping Your Muse Prompt

Today's prompt will will generate two scenes. One "Then" and one "Now". Have fun with it. If you want to go back to the 1940's, medieval times...or whenever you want, that's fine. OR if you want to flip the exercise you can go into the future for your "Then" scene. Use the following triggers for an idea, or create one of your own.

*Eating Dinner
*Going to a place of worship
*Getting married
*Buying groceries
*Visiting a hospital

* * *

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