Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simple Pleasures

When you read the title of today's prompt what came to mind? I don't want to say too much to color you're thoughts, but will give you the example that inspired this prompt.

I live in northern Georgia where the weather is usually moderate. Last night we had a dusting of snow that had disappeared by morning, but it's still below freezing. My son-in-law sprayed part of the driveway with water to form a slick surface and this morning the grandkids are slipping and sliding. A simple pleasure.

Today's Pumping Your Muse Prompt:

Close your eyes and recall your childhood. Things that thrilled you then that may seem "childish" or "mundane" may actually shine the creative light on simple pleasure. For example, I used to have a specific bedtime, but one night a week I was allowed to stay up and keep my mom company and watch Twilight Zone and the Untouchables. The rest of the kids were in bed. I shared popcorn and TV with mom. A simple pleasure.

Here are a few idea prompters:
*Playing outside (pick a season)
*Tasty delight
*Using your imagination
*Favorite place to go
*Your bedroom
*Favorite toy

Once you decide on a single simple pleasure write a paragraph or two describing the experience. Include the senses and write it from a child's POV.
* * *

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