Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

For the Pumping Your Muse Prompts readers living in the U.S., today is election day. You may or may not have time to write, but for those who voted early, here's a prompt that pertains to today.

Pumping Your Muse PromptsWith all the spin put out by the talking heads media, wouldn't it be great if someone, somehow created a way that only the truth could be spoken on election day...even by the candidates...win or lose. And would the truth make a difference in the outcome of the race? Interesting concept, eh?

Write a short story about an Election Day where all the journalists, news anchors and politicians can't lie. It's all about the truth and nothing but the truth. Sad but true, this could be a humorous story so have fun with it.

* * *

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Chiron said...

Donna, I nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award! I love your inspirational posts and just wanted to let you know...


Chiron said...

Ps... details on my blog.

Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Chiron,

Thanks for that! Google alerts brought me to your blog. What a great surprise! Thank you.