Thursday, May 01, 2008

Learning About Your Character Through Weather

Just like in real life, weather changes a scene. For example, an outdoor wedding on a bright sunny day will differ from an outdoor wedding with blustery wind and showers. If you're a fantasy writer, you might want to check out my new blog Pumping Your Muse Fantasy Writer and see my post on "Fantasy World Seasons and Weather" which is part two in a series on How to Create a Fantasy World.

You can write about a relaxing day on the open water sailing your boat, but if a storm blows in, it will be anything but relaxing. In fact, at times the weather can almost play the part of a character--the antagonist.

Today's Prompt: Learning About Your Character Through Weather

Write a short scene of 100-200 words. Then take that same scene and change the weather. Take note of how it differs and what you learn about your characters as a result.


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Donna Sundblad said...

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