Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloggers Unite For Human Rights

Today bloggers around the world are uniting for human rights. It's so easy to sit in the comfort of our homes and worry about gas prices, foreclosures and things that impact our personal lives while around the world defenseless people suffer. Even though gas prices hurt us, we still have choices to make--options. We can learn to cut back or even try to find a way to make some extra money. If we lose our home we can find another place to live, and while these are not easy solutions they are better alternatives than what many others face because we still have options. We're not facing genocide or lives as slaves, and our children have hope for the future and food to eat.

For today's writer's prompt we will take human rights issues from the news. What you do with it can work for fiction or not fiction. Don't forget that fiction can be a tool to help get the message across to the masses. In fact in my fantasy novel Windwalker the book burning scene was inspired history at a time when people had been stripped of their rights. The same oppression follows my characters in their quest for a better life.

Human Rights Prompts:
Unfortunately, there are plenty of human rights issues in the world to choose from. This is just a small sample plucked from around the world. While these issues can make for interesting fiction filled with conflict and tension as good battles evil, in real life the tension and conflict can often lead to hopelessness if people look the other way.

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