Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day in the Life

As a kid, I remember watching a Twilight Zone episode where a young girl hears her dog barking and finds that he has found a portal in her bedroom wall that leads to another dimension. She follows after her pet, and adults realize not only that the girl and her dog are in this other dimension but the portal is closing as the wall gradually is turning solid and closing the way of return.

We've also read stories of kidnapping, identity theft, and all kinds of situations where suddenly reality has changed for those involved. Today's writer's prompt involves change. This one is just for fun, though you never know where it will lead.

Write about a day in your life as if someone else was walking in your shoes. For example, if you have an elderly mother and she suddenly had the opportunity to live your life for a day, what would it be like?

Or a young child...taking over the role as parent.

The POV can make this one fun!

Today's photo was taken by photographer Dan Colcer.

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