Friday, October 13, 2017

See What You Say

Today's writing prompt is about words. Words can hurt, but they can encourage. They can mislead, or they can guide. They can cause harm, or they can nurture. They can also be spoken without thinking! Imagine how much more you'd think before you spoke if your words showed on your skin!


Today's Writing Prompt

For today's creative writing prompt place your character in a situation where the words they use appear on their skin for all to see. Exactly how or why this works will be up to your creativity, and be sure to show the consequences.

A few more writing prompts to help your muse along:

  • Start the scene without the character knowing his/her words are showing.
  • Show when he or she becomes aware that they are wearing their words. 
  • Once they become aware, how does it change their behavior?
  • Does the character try to cover up what's been said? If so how? And why?
  • Does this happen to all characters or just to one and why?
  • Is their a solution? 
  • What does the character learn through the experience?

Once you have this scene written, let it set for a day or two and then develop it into a short story with a beginning, middle and end. Then look for a writing market and submit!