Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Writing Prompt that Tells the Story of the Hands

Body language offers a great way to write in an active voice that shows our story rather than tells. And the body itself can show plenty, and for today's writing prompt we'll be focusing on what the hands can show. I remember when I was young going to a carnival where a man guessed peoples' weight and age. I was surprised by how accurate he was. Later he told me that he could tell the age of a person from their hands.
What do these hands tell you?

What about these hands? What's their story?
Or these hands?

Today's Writing Prompt

Today's writing prompt challenges you to show someone's age and part of their life through their hands. For example, hands that are well-manicured will have a different story than torn dirty nails. Hand's wearing black satin gloves will differ from Laytex gloves. If a hand is wearing a ring, the story will be different than a hand without a ring. Even the type of ring can tell a story. For instance, a Claddagh ring holds different meanings depending on how it is worn. Heart facing the body or not and which hand. Or think of a hand with a tan line marking a ring once worn and now missing. Even callouses tell a story and where they are located is part of that story. Fingertip callouses paint a picture different from calloused palms. Have fun with this.

Write the story of the hands in one of the above images as your writing prompt challenge.

Photo credit: Al Howat, pixabay, goodfreephotos

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