Thursday, June 06, 2013

Naming Characters

Finding the right names for your characters isn't always as easy as closing your eyes and pointing to a list of names. In my experience, it is not unusual for my characters to outgrow their initial names as they grow and take on personality and that's fine. However, you need a name to get started.

One trick I use to find a name (at least to start with) is to look up the meaning of names, and to choose a name based on what I think I know about my character. If they have a fiery temper, I might consider naming them something like Aden, and if I have an undeveloped character I look for something like the name Famke that just means girl.

Another easy way to find name is to use a name generator. Here are a few name generator links to try:
For today's prompt we're going to do something a little different. Visit an old cemetery and collect names from gravestones. Write a short scene that introduces two characters and their names. The only rule: the names cannot start with the same letter.

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