Friday, June 14, 2013

Create Conflict to Hook Your Readers

Conflict is an essential element in writing. It engages the reader. They want to see the conflict resolved.   But what exactly is conflict? While a fight is a form of physical conflict it is the psychological, internal conflict that really engages readers. They become involved through the thoughts and actions of characters. Sometimes it causes readers to root for the reluctant hero who has low-self esteem. Or for the abused wife to find courage to get out of her situation. Today's prompt challenges you to show internal conflict.

Pumping Your Muse Writing Prompt:

Write a short scene or story that shows internal conflict and then resolve it.  It does not have to be something big or disastrous. We experience conflict in little ways everyday. Here are a few suggestions if you're short on ideas.

  • Turmoil over making a doctor's appointment
  • Phone is ringing...should you answer?
  • Spot boyfriend/girlfriend with someone else
  • Reach for the toilet paper and the spool is empty or put on upsidedown
  • Those people over there are laughing...

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