Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flyswatter Prompt

Sorry I've been absent. I'm immersed in writing the sequel to Beyond the Fifth Gate and working on a non-fiction book for the homeschool market on top of my freelancing...and then there's family, the garden...well you get the drift.

Even with all that, I've thought of a few different prompts that I should have stopped by to post. Here's one to have fun with.

Pumping Your Muse Prompt
Write a story based on a man or woman obsessed and carrying a flyswatter. I don't want to say more or I may taint your imagination rather than inspire it. Have fun with this one.
* * *

Check out my latest interview at Stories That Read You.And my 4 star review for Beyond the Fifth Gate at Teens Read Too!


aspiemom said...

I'm going to try to do one a week or so.

aspiemom said...
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aspiemom said...

If you want to post the link, it's ok with me!


Donna Sundblad said...

Thanks, I will. Enjoyed your post. It had a Twilight Zone feel to it, which I really enjoy.

Anyone who hasn't read it...take a moment and head over there.


Usha Krishnan Sliva said...

Good luck with the sequel!

Anonymous said...

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