Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Unexpected

Today's prompt is inspired by the news. Did you hear the story about the man making his first skydive who found himself strapped to an instructor who died midair from a heart attack? Talk about the unexpected!

The skydiver drew from what experience he did have to survive: army training not to panic and what he learned from TV about pulling toggles to steer the parachute.

What can we take from this true story?

Fictional characters draw on past experience to make it through the unexpected.

Today's Pumping Your Muse Prompt:
Place your character in an everyday situation where things go wrong. This will be a "growing" experience. It stretches them beyond their original parameters and leaves them changed. It also creates conflict within the plot and draws a reader in to find out what happens next.

Choose one of the following situations (or one of your own), add an element of the unexpected and bring your character through it. Create the element of conflict and tension and bring it to resolution.

*First date
*Learning to drive
*First day on the job
*Deep sea fishing

* * *

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