Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Light and Shadows

The use of light and shadows makes for an interesting setting. Today's photo prompt doesn't offer a lot of detail for setting. Use light and shadow to create a paragraph or short story based on this Pumping Your Muse photo prompt.
If you need help, ask yourself these questions:

Where is the person going?
Where are they coming from?
How do they feel?
What do they smell?
Why are they there?
Are they from this world?

* * *
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Malki said...

I started your Pumping your Muse exercise about 1 sentence summaries today. Although this doesn't have a lot to do with the picture, it had to do with the light and the shadows as they crept through a lattice covered with grapevines. I spent almost two hours on the first sentence, then incorporated the next two as a beginning to a short story.

- The bright light pierced through the holes of the lattice as the withered vines angrily gripped the slats, instinctively preparing themselves for the harsh winter that inevitably lay ahead. Through years of experience, they had learned to twist, intertwine, and clutch tightly to themselves, and to this trusted wood, in order to endure the many lifeless months before spring. Here they stood undaunted, waiting for the slow ticks of the clock to pass, longing for their freedom, not unlike me.

Malki said...

Another entry into the shadows and light section. Still running through your book and those first couple of exercises. My research today had to do with the difference between fog, mist and haze. I learned quite a bit I honestly didn't know before and researched this because of the mist that I saw out my door this morning before sunrise. Here's the sentences. I thought the coolest information was that fog causes shadows to become 3 dimensional.

- The bluish mist had shrouded the landscape that terrible morning. Glancing out from behind the protection of the screen door, Becky shuddered at the omniscient view that stared menacingly back at her. The mist had given an eerie glow to the security light that dimly lit the lawn. The reflection of the light through the water droplets caused the beam to mark the ground just shy of the first step that led to her porch. To Becky this was a sign; a warning of the impending doom that would strike her by simply cracking the front door.