Monday, November 10, 2008

President's DNA

In my book, Pumping Your Muse, some of the writing exercises take you to the news...past or present. Today in the news they talked about the fact that one thing the Secret Service is responsible for is making sure the President doesn't leave behind his DNA. If he drinks from a disposable coffee cup, the cup must be destroyed. This is an interesting story premise. What would the enemy do with the President's DNA?

Today's Pumping Your Muse Prompt:
Write a story that involves collecting the President's DNA. This has the potential of a thrilling Whodunit. Today's prompt only requires the collecting of the DNA, but I challenge you to figure out what the plans are beyond that...answer these questions:

  • Who harvested the DNA?
  • Are they working for someone else?
  • What do they plan to do with it?
  • Do they accomplish their goal?
* * *

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