Thursday, September 11, 2008

Learning From a Different POV

Point of view (POV) offers readers a glimpse into the world you've creative on paper. Based on this POV, they take in visual and other sensory information limited to that POV. For example, if you have three characters in a scene, and it is written from an outside POV--readers will not know the characters' thoughts or feelings. Instead they must make determinations based on what is said and in interpreting body language.

Today's Prompt:

Today we're going to have fun with POV. Take out an existing story (preferably one of your own) and write it from another POV.

Note: If you're ever stuck at a point in a story you're working on, this is a great way to get unstuck. You may never use the additional scene, but information gleaned from it can help you get on with writing.

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