Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Discover Your Fictional World Through Drifting

One way I discover new elements to add to the world-building process when writing fiction is what I call drifting. Drifting lets you hopscotch above and through an area picking up details and fresh ideas as you go. This is accomplished by following a benign item not necessarily related to your story. For example, a leaf falling from a tree whirls in the wind higher into the bright fall sky only to drift slowly toward the frost covered grass in the park where a sole individual sits on a park bench...

The leaf is used to introduce the world.

Today's Pumping Your Muse Writing Prompt:
Introduce your world as you discover it by drifting. Follow one of these or an item of your own:


* * *

If you enjoy prompts, check out Pumping Your Muse. The prompts included in this creative writing book challenge the imagination to take new direction and if followed to the conclusion of the book, provide a detailed outline along with completed scenes and developed characters for one novel, as well as a solid start for a second novel.

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