Thursday, July 24, 2008


What motivates you? I guess it depends on what it is that needs doing. For instance, if you need to lose weight, what motivates you to eat right or exercise? What motivates you to go to work...or clean the house...or any of those things that must be done. The reason I ask, is that if you stop to understand your own motivation, it will help you to create a character people can relate to. What keeps them going? Do they go to work only for the paycheck or do they get something more from it. See what I'm driving at?

So for today's prompt, I want you to write a journal entry. Write about what motivates you to:

*go to work
*go to school
*pursue a hobby
*to help others
*choose one of your own

Completing this exercise will generate ideas now that you're looking at it this way. If you have ideas for characters and their motivation while you write, just jot the ideas down. This prompt can work as a springboard for a scene. Have fun!

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