Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tricking the Senses

My husband and I drove along a country road running between my daughter’s home and ours. The pungent odor of skunk leaked into the car. Our headlights shined on the small dead animal, but it was gray. An opossum. We rolled down the window and let the fresh air clear out the smell.

The following day we drove by the same smelly dip in the road. I studied the animal one more time—I was almost positive it was an opossum. By the third day, it became the topic of conversation as my husband and I both said it looked like an opossum but sure smelled like a skunk. I hate to admit it, but the fourth day we were wondering if GA had a different kind of stripeless skunk.

Finally, I saw the real culprit wedged between the tall grass and blacktop. But the smell almost had me convinced that the opossum was a skunk.

For today's prompt, generate a scene that seems to be one thing but is not.

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