Saturday, December 09, 2006

Going For a Ride

This is a reasearch prompt. Look up one of the following modes of transportation and learn enough detail to take a character for a ride.

  • motor bike sidecar
  • sports car from 1935
  • pullman train
  • covered wagon

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    inspiredauthor said...

    In Canada, there was a wagon train about 20 years ago. The government told people that if they could travel from Toronto to northern Manitoba, they would get hundreds and hundreds of acres free.

    Well, it was so hard that only one family made it. And, it was so lonely when they got there that they didn't stay the required one year.

    I saw the wagon train, it was amazing.

    Donna Sundblad said...

    Very interesting. History is filled with fantastic details. I appreciate you taking the time to share some of it here.