Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Road Trip

I've had stories published that were the direct result of a writing prompt. In fact, the first story I ever had published came about when I incorporated three different writing prompts as a challenge. Following those prompts helped me discover a story of murder and mystery that I didn't know was in me. With that in mind, today's prompt contains five elements to choose from in a scene regarding a road trip. This one is wide open. I can see that it could easily incorporate humor or horror! Or just a slice of life with a moral. Let me know what YOU find.

Pumping Your Muse Writing Prompt

Write a scene involving a 9 hour road trip that turns into a 12 hour road trip. Choose three details below to incorporate:

  • Two vehicles
  • Two families (one with children, one without)
  • One drives a van pulling a trailer (what kind of trailer is up to you. Anything from camping, horse or other livestock, to a moving trailer)
  • Top goal, get through a major city before rush hour
  • A family pet (your pick)

    Have fun!
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